About Movement 46

Reigniting the liberal flame for the 2020s

A movement for liberal internationalists of all parties.

When we set up Movement 46 in the summer of 2019, it was with the idea of splitting the Conservative Party.  Little could we have imagined then that Boris Johnson would be doing that job for us.

The Conservative Party we see today in parliament bears little resemblance to that of the summer.  Gone are David Gauke, Dominic Grieve, Phillip Lee, Sam Gymah, Antoinette Sandbach…the list may not be endless, but it is very long,  Gone also, to all intents and purposes, are some of the titans of Conservatives past, such as Lord Heseltine and Ken Clarke.

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They have been replaced with over 100 new MPs, many of whom espouse policies far to the right of anything seen before in a mainstream party. No wonder the Brexit Party didn’t feel the need to put up candidates in Conservative held seats.

At a local level, the summer saw liberal Conservatives leaving in their droves. Make no mistake the Conservative Party has split.

A large proportion, perhaps a majority, of the population declare a belief in values that are open, tolerant, equal, cooperative and internationalist. However, when offered the choice at the General Election, they voted for a party and politicians who, by their actions, have been shown to share very few of those values.

We need to understand why – and resolve to change it

For this reason, movement46 is moving away from a simple campaigning role and is planning the creation of a foundation.  The primary purpose of this body will be to develop a strategy and policies that will convert those values mentioned above, into a platform capable of turning back the forces of populism and achieving electoral success.

We hope you will join us in this quest.  Our goal is simple – make Britain Britain again.

liberal internationalism

progressive conservatism

social democratic market economy

Mohammed Amin Headshot

Mohammed Amin


Amin’s goal is a society which encourages free markets and entrepreneurialism, provides a strong social welfare safety net, ensures opportunity for all its citizens, participates in rules-based international cooperation, and is socially liberal. He regards the European Union as the greatest peace-making project in European history and is a strong supporter of the United Nations, and other international institutions such as the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organisation. He is now a Liberal Democrat.

Ian Collard

Ian Collard


Ian joined the Conservatives in the aftermath of their 1997 election defeat and managed a number of successful local council elections in 2000s.  At parliamentary level he stood unsuccessfully in Cannock Chase in 2005, but remained to direct the 2010 General Election in the seat, taking it from Labour with a 14% swing.  Increasingly disenchanted with the nationalist and intolerant direction of the Conservatives’ policies, he formerly split from the party in 2019 and managed a campaign for the Liberal Democrats in the election that year.  However, at this stage he has not joined any other political party and remains one of the millions of ‘politically homeless’.​

Adam Sykes Headshot

Dr Adam Sykes

Chairman and Director

Adam joined the Conservatives in 2005, just in time to back David Cameron and the ‘modernisation’ of the party.  He first stood as a local councillor, on the Wirral, unsuccessfully, in 2010, but the following year he was elected and held his seat till 2019 when he stepped down.  In his time with the party, he has held many positions including Constituency Chairman and has led election campaigns at both the council and parliamentary level.  He has now left the Conservative Party after fourteen years and is now the movement46 chairman.