North Shropshire Don't Vote Conservative

We are writing as former Conservatives. People who for years worked to get politicians from the centre-right elected in local councils and Parliamentary constituencies up and down the country. The Conservative Party we see today is not the one we fought for:


  • Where it used to stand for freedom of speech, under Johnson it wants to ban protests Johnson and his mates do not agree with.
  • Once it stood for probity. Now jobs and billions of pounds of public money have been given to Johnson’s and his ministers’ friends with little or no public oversight.
  • It used to stand for integrity, but now openly boasts of breaking international law in order to further its own agenda.
  • Formerly the party of leadership and rule of law, the PM has shown over recent months – and especially in recent days – that he considers rules don’t apply to him, nor to those who back him.


Even democracy, where we led other parties, is no longer safe under the current Conservative leadership as they seek to bring in laws to restrict voting and to give them full power to overrule the courts. Finally, and possibly most sinister, the Johnson-led Conservatives are introducing legislation that can arbitrarily remove British citizenship from 6 million people whose parents were not born in the UK. Just think about that – it is almost certain that everyone reading this has a friend or neighbour who can now be told “You are no longer British.”

These are not the actions of a Conservative Party. They are the actions of a relatively small, but well-organised clique that have taken over its brand and its image to push its own narrow and divisive agenda.

We still believe that a Conservative Party is needed. We believe it can be recovered. But we do not believe that will happen until its current leaders are defeated.

Today, the Conservative voters of North Shropshire can begin that process. Losing this once safe seat won’t bring down the government. It won’t lead to unbridled socialism sweeping the country. But it could start to loosen the iron grip that Johnson and his backers have over the Party that we used to support – and return it what it once was.

If you are a Conservative and you want to see it return to its caring, pragmatic, trustworthy roots then please, take the difficult decision and either don’t vote or, better still, vote for whichever party is best placed to beat Johnson’s version of the Conservative Party in North Shropshire

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