64% of the British public believe...
"We need to focus on Coronavirus."

Poll conducted by Focaldata between 7-9 April 2020.
Get Covid Done ...before we Get a deal done.

Tell Felicity Buchan, Kensington MP, to focus on Coronavirus - extend the EU transition to protect ALL our jobs!

Add your name to the letter to Felicity Buchan, Kensington MP, to tell him to focus on your priorities.

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Dear Ms Buchan,

You were elected last December on the back of two promises you made: to protect the interests of Kensington and to Get Brexit Done.

The second was achieved – but since then the world has changed. Covid-19 has meant most people making adjustments to the way they live. Many have unfortunately lost someone close to them.

Whilst the lockdown was needed to control the virus, it is has come at great economic cost, especially for businesses in Kensington. Furthermore, it is not enough to just to control the disease: it needs to be conquered – and that will take continued effort and sacrifice. It could be months before businesses can begin to get back on their feet – and far longer before they have recovered their strength. Until they do, the spectre of business closures and job losses will hang over us all.

Thankfully, it was agreed with the EU to allow a year for a smooth transition to the new arrangements following Brexit. But the end of that transition is fast approaching and, despite all the disruption, Boris Johnson has refused to consider extending it.

This will mean businesses will need to plan for, and then implement, significant changes at the same time they rebuilding their business from the biggest crisis of the last 75 years. You know that for some in our area, who frequently have a close trading relationship with EU partners, that will be the final straw. Perhaps it is too much to expect of the Prime Minister that he may look at businesses in our area and give them priority over the long-term ambition of a political aide, but it is not too much to ask of you.

Now is the time for you to show that the promises you made mean something. It is time to show that you went to Westminster to stand up for us and not just follow the path dictated by those in charge. It is time for you tell Boris Johnson that we are happy to accept an extension, and finish Brexit when we are stronger, because that is the safer option.

Some things actually get better if you wait. Britain’s worth it – Kensington is worth it.

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