Politics must not just go back to normal

Let's plan for the future

As the fireworks raced into sky to mark the beginning of a new decade, most of us probably felt that, after four years of turmoil, we had reached a point of certainty 18 days earlier with the election of Boris Johnson and an 80-seat majority.  Within days, though, initial reports were making their way out of China of a new disease that was spreading and killing at an alarming rate.

As we enjoyed the late May bank holiday sun, many of us on a beach, there was a feeling the storm that was Covid-19, if not over, was passed it worse.  Finally, we may have felt, we could look forward to that period of certainty once again.  But that evening, in Minnesota, George Floyd was stopped by the police for allegedly using a counterfeit dollar bill.  His death, at the hands of those police echoed around the world, and 8:46 will come to have as much resonance as 9/11 had almost 20 years previously.

Either one of these events would likely have changed our world.  Together, they have made it essential.  Together, they have laid bare just how inadequate is our system of government, and those who seek to govern us.

Together they demand change.

Movement46 was founded in 2019 because we recognised that the political system needed changing.  But even we didn’t realise then by just how much and how quickly.

We want to hear your voice on what that change should be.  We want to know what type of society you want to build. We want to know where you want Britain to stand in the world.

This is a once in a generation call for change. We want to know what you believe a political party’s priorities should be in a post-COVID19 world. 

The phrase “If not now, when” is cited in texts over 2,000 years old – it has never been more appropriate than today.

Please tell us, in your own words (as many or as few as you like), what is the main change that you would like to see emerge from the tumultuous events of 2020.

We want to understand more about you so that we can put your thoughts in context with others who tell us their views.

All of the questions below are optional, and not required to take part, but if you can help us by providing the information below (even if not all of it) we would be very grateful.
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