Tell your MP what you want from the UK/EU Deal

What do you want from the deal?

Over recent weeks, Boris Johnson’s government has been failing to achieve any progress towards a satisfactory future relationship with our EU neighbours…and flailing around for excuses, claiming this is everybody’s fault except his own.  His latest idea is to renege on an agreement that he made (and was very proud of) 12 months ago.

Of course, he knows that reneging on the EU Withdrawal Agreement is not possible – no country would ever trust us again, so the idea of trade deals with anyone would be off the table.

Rather, his latest ploy is no more than straw man, so that when his eventual surrender comes, he can claim whatever he can get as a good deal and a great victory.  Johnson has said in the past that no deal is better than bad deal and for once he may be correct.

But why should we let Johnson decide what is and isn’t a bad deal?  We here at Movement46, we believe it’s time for us, the British public, to let our MPs know what would be the main outcome that for us, as a minimum, would make a deal not ‘bad’.

There is so much that we risk losing in a bad deal that we have put together a useful list of the top dozen requirements to help with choosing – but please let us know if there is something you believe should be added.

Just choose the outcome you would like to see, press the “Tell Your MP” button and we will incorporate it into a letter that will be sent to your local MP.

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